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Sthira ceremonies

KAP facilitator | Space holder | Lightworker

Balearic Islands & The Netherlands
Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca


Commit to a life of Joy

My mission is to remind people of their inner knowing, self-healing ability
and the powerful force called mother nature.


From an early age, Nicole was drawn to the stars, nature and spirituality. After many years of study and divers experiences, she became a multi practice Yoga teacher, a KAP facilitator and Reiki Master. Since then, she has become an influential figure for her clients, mentees and the wider community, providing guidance and support.

Image by Ksenia Makagonova

Kundalini Activation Process

KAP is a transmission of life force energy, also called Kundalini. We as facilitators hold space for you, where you can feel safe enough to welcome this transmission and its outcome. The power lies with surrendering. If you let go, this energy will enter. If you hold back, the process will hold back. This practice is different from for example Kundalini Yoga, or Breathwork or other energy body work, where you repeat certain movements or breaths to reach this state of surrender. KAP is different, We follow the path of surrender: You start with doing absolutely nothing, but by trusting yourself, the process and the facilitator to let go.

The outcome of KAP can be different for everybody. Some see light, colours, some see images. Some go on an astral journey or move into somatic movements, or feel like the are nailed to the floor. Whatever your outcome is: You will come closer to the core of your being. By reconnecting to you inner core you activate the self healing power you had in you all along. Working trough trauma’s, experiences, emotions, grief, all is welcome in the session. Just surrender and let arise what is there to arise. Trust the energy.

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Nicole travels monthly through Europe to spread the light of KAP. Check out dates of her Open Classes and Semi-Privates.


Online Ceremonies

In a Online KAP ceremony we create a field of energy. The transmission you get you receive directly through this field and creates the same effect and process you would get in a live ceremony.
It is all about surrendering.




Nicole offers weekly KAP ceremonies, Semi-privates, weekend immersions & private sessions. In all KAP ceremonies will be an introduction included to KAP and its benefits.

Sthira Ceremonies
Lightwork, Yoga

As a space holder & light worker, Sthira Ceremonies offers a wide range of expertise on different ceremonies. All ceremonies are custom made, authentic and original to guide you to connect on a deeper level with yourself.

Holding space is creating room for just being. In these ceremonies there is time to tune in with your inner knowing, your intuition and authentic self. Nicole can help you surrender to the process what is needed for you to go through. Everybody goes through a different process.

Nicole is certified Yoga teacher with a menu full of different Yoga flavours.  She combines music and sound healing with sessions too. As a musician, singer and theatermaker she knows how powerful music, art and sound can be.

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Reiki 1:1

Reiki on distance
Reiki & soundhealing

Reiki  & Yoga Nidra


Retreats Europe

2024 will be the start of a new journey.

Next to the ceremonies we will bundle our strengths into day-, weekend- and week retreats throughout the year.

Keep an eye on the socials and website for more information.

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Yoga programs
For retreats, events or incentives.

Yin & Piano
Yin & Yoga Nidra
Yin & soundhealing
Elemental vinyasa week program

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Reiki 3R

Rest | Restore | Reconnect

Reiki | Rest | Restore | Reconnect


Reiki is an energy healing technique using gentle hand movements to guide the flow of life force energy through the body to reduce stress and promote healing. Nicole has been working with energy in many ways, Reiki has always been a self-treatment for her. Since 2021 she started with giving treatments to others and is she a Reiki Master.


Book a free 10 minute call to get to know each other. Nicole also treats Reiki on distance/online.

On Ibiza she visit you or has a practice available for treatments. Read more about treatments below.

Woman in Yellow

Jenna B.

The Yin Yoga&piano experience was a bubble of relaxation and inner connection. The power of love music changes the energy completely and helps you go inward. I simply loved it and recommend it to anyone!

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