The Art of Authenticity

1:1 consults, group sessions, personal guidance

With over 10 years of experience in the esoteric sector and theater & music Nicole would like to share her experiences, guidance and a helping hand for those who struggle which direction they should go. It could be a simple question if you should do a certain training or not, or rather an alternative, or if you should do a training at all. 

These consults are for yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, dancers, actors, singers, “potential” KAP facilitators, light workers, Innerdance teachers and anyone who wants to expand their practice but needs a little push in the right direction. 

-  Introducing your needs/“what you want”

- Healing session to connect "needs" with your inner landscape

- Outcome Possibilities & ambitions 

-  A summary of over conversation so you can always read it back. 

- Consults can be single or multi-consults, depending on needs.

I want to help you, pointing out different directions, reflect your needs and give my honest opinion about sessions, treatments, yoga trainings, etc. See it as a helping hand from an honest friend. Don’t need it? Good for you. You trust me? The door is open. 

1:1 | Consult by phone | €65
1:1 | Live session 60 minutes | €110
Group sessions | on request