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  • Nicole Dooper

Love: Receive, give and ignite

"The greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and be loved in return" - Nat King Cole - Receive love

It is hard to receive love. To open your heart to it and letting it in. To receive time, patience, and that listening ear of a friend to just be you. That you don't have to stop talking, because the love is endless and can have all of you, without getting annoyed or cutting you off. We cut ourselves off, just because we think we are not worthy enough to listen to, to hold, to hug, to be seen. But if your authentic being gets the freedom to shine in its full glory, you will see that when you let your heart speak, even if that is really scary and out of your comfort zone, people will connect to your authentic spark, because they feel that spark too. We are all connected. We are one.

To give love

It is difficult to give love. To be that listening ear, that shoulder, to listen unconditionally, without rush, putting your own trouble aside for a moment just to be there for someone else. or giving love someone who is very talented or different than you. To give love is also liking someones work, art, song, drawing or dreams. Without being jealous, or feeling that you are not enough because you are not doing the same thing. To truly love the beauty of someone's life cycle, without judging. Without any expectations of yourself, but just by sending your love and connecting to your authentic being that can love the spark of this other person, thing or situation in full spectrum. Because your authentic being is not afraid, is not alone, is not jealous, but full of love and life force energy.

Non duality is based on one thing:

We. Are. One.

What does duality mean? It means split. We have been taught we are separate beings and all different. I am different from you, from the plant, from the food that i eat. I am in a different situation, different work, different family, a different life. But the interesting thing about it is, is that without the other, you could not be you. and he or she could not be him or her. Because it is all connected. Not the easiest material, i know, but now read this sentence 3x out loud for yourself.

‘If I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I and you are you. But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you!'

So you are me. And i am you. This does not mean it immediately resonates with you.

We are one. does it bring resistance in the body? Does it remind you of something? Or is something you heard your yoga teacher saying over and over and you just accepted it as truth?

OK. but what do you mean with Non Duality? Non duality means One. so getting rid of the 2 part world and becoming in all and nothing at the same time. Becoming time. You are the process, you are your breath. and most important: you are. because without you it would be all different. Without you there would be no other, because it would be a different world without you. Because the substance of molecules and atoms would change. Because this all connected. So without you, there would be no world.

Most of the time we breathe unconsciously. Just because there are more things to do then just breathing in and out, with full awareness. But focus on this: If you can unconsciously breathe in and out, unconsciously let your heart beat, and unconsciously let our hair grow: What more are we doing unconsciously? Do we let the sun shine? that tree grow? that flower bloom?

Vibrant beings

We have high and low vibrations. Some people describe them as waves. waves go up, that is when we feel alive, shining, happy, excited, creative. Where the wave goes down, we mostly want to skip these moments. The darkness we don't want to meet. But we need the darkness to shine the light. Between these waves, there is a creation of momentum, an interval. These are the moments between the breath, the moment of silence, where you can get in touch with the universe around you. Mostly without thoughts, worries or fear or suffering. between these momentum or interval there is the reflection of god. and that is the non dualistic state. The nothingness, and the everything. the plus and the minus. Where the healing and the magic happens. What our brain can't touch or analyze. Where there is space for creation.

This is where KAP comes in

With Kundalini Activation Process you can touch this space and explore. You can feel, explore and develop this space and learn how to get there quick if you need a space to create, to restruct or to find answers you need in daily life. Just by surrendering. So stay tuned, there is a bigger plan in the making, to align your authenticity, your true self with everything you do. And i will be there. 100% listening, reflecting and transmitting. To give you unconditional love so we can all receive the love from your thriving spark as you.

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