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Image by Yoann Boyer


Reiki on distance can be practiced all over the world. It is a 1:1 or 1:2 session, where we meet online on ZOOM. During the session you will be asked to lie down, to relax your body and just to receive. The energy will do the rest. It is a perfect session for people who are in another country, for those who are ill or are just curious what Reiki can do. Know that this life force energy is all around us and within us and just wants to flow trough you. You just have to invite it to come in.

Reiki Treatment | 60 minutes            €65,-

Reiki on distance | 60 minutes                €45,-
Reiki & Tuning forks |  75 minutes          €85,-

Reiki XL treatment |  90 minutes             €95,-


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