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Yin & Piano

Yin Yoga & Live Piano

Yin & Piano©

Yin is focussed on relaxing your muscles, Releasing tension and letting Chi-energy flow freely through your body. It creates space in the mind and in the body by breathing. Yin is a gentle way of grounding to the earth, surrendering in poses while the breath keeps our body moving. No experience needed.

With live piano music played by Nicole, with songs from the heart.

Agenda 2023
Monday | January 23 | Yin & Piano | Ashram Ibiza | 7pm | Ibiza |

Saturday | March 4 | Yin & Piano | Barbara Falorni & Nicole | 7pm | Amsterdam

Book your Yin & Piano session on request.

Sound Journey

Travel on a journey to deeper layer of your subconsciousness and discover the power of sound. With several sound bowls, handmade instruments and use of voice and Sjamanic drum your body will feel instantly calm and surrenders to the sound. For all settings possible and custom made.

Sound Gatherings

Cacao ceremonies, drum circles, talking circles, Osho dance meditation & many many more professionals are willing to co-create. Any requests? Contact Sthira Ceremonies for more information and we find the right person for your gathering or event.

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