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Elemental vinyasa Masterclass series

Masterclass series Elemental Vinyasa 

Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space

Through these four masterclasses, we flow through a journey of the elements. Each masterclass will be focusing on one specific element, in combination with chakra’s & mudra’s. A deep spiritual vinyasa practice that connects your breath, your movement and the power of nature to your fysical and energetic body. 


Coming home to ourselves by honoring and feeling this powerful element of earth. Grounded and rooted, save and secure in a fast spinning world around us. It is a deeply grounding and rooting practice, awakening our senses and rediscovering the world around us. 

WATER – Unleash creativity & emotions (SWADHISTANA CHAKRA)

Connecting to this fluid element water and awakening the second chakra by diving into the emotional body & sensuality. Unleash the force!

FIRE – Self-love, encouragement, balance (MANIPURA CHAKRA)

Let set this masterclass on fire! We burn what we don’t need anymore and letting the strong and brave warriors rise out of our hearts. Our Solar Plexus will be activated by involving dance and peak poses. Creating stability and balance by rediscovering our own worth and beauty.

 AIR – Love, giving & receiving (ANAHATA & VISUDDHA CHAKRAS)


A masterclass leaded by loving kindness and being you. Opening our heart to one another and through communication by connecting with ourselves and others. We will finish the complete series with a movement meditation where we will end in full connection with our being. Knowing, from the roots down all the way up into space. Connected to our inner wisdom, in bliss.

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Yin & Piano

Experience the power of music

Yin is focussed on relaxing your muscles, creating space in the mind and in the body by breathing. Yin is a gentle way of grounding to the earth, surrendering in poses while the breath keeps our body moving. With live music from the heart.

Book your Yin & Piano session!

19:00 - 20:15 | €20,-

Sunday 20th of February 2022
Ashram Ibiza, Santa Eularia
Book online:

Herbal tea will be served after class.

Teacher: Nicole
Price: €20 per person

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