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Reiki 3R

Rest | Restore | Reconnect

Reiki is an energy healing technique using gentle hand movements to guide the flow of life force energy through the body to reduce stress and promote healing. As a Reiki Master Nicole has been working with energy in many ways. She has been giving treatments on Ibiza, Mallorca & The Netherlands and combines Reiki with Tuningforks, which tune the vibrations in the body.

During a treatment you lie down, you keep your clothes on and just close your eyes. You don't have to do anything. Nicole holds her hands above and on your body. Reiki is very gentle, loving energy, which can heal on a deep level of consciousness. It can work as recharge of your body, fiscally as well as energetically, but it can also work on specific areas or traumas from the past you might experiencing. Just what your body and soul need.

Tuning forks are part of what's known as sound therapy. This is an ancient cultural practice that makes use of singing bowls and chants to relieve pain. simple explained: They bring the body back in tune. Tuning forks are made in such a way that they generate a pure sound, with a specific amount of vibrations every second. But sound therapy is also about targeting your brainwave frequencies and the vestibulocochlear nerve in the ear. Tuning forks can help keep your feelings in check by eradicating negative energies and thoughts from your body and mind. Relaxation Tuning forks are notorious stress relievers. They put you into a deep state of relaxation through their vibrational healing.

Reiki on distance can be practiced all over the world. It is a 1:1 or 1:2 session, where we meet online on ZOOM. During the session you will be asked to lie down, to relax your body and just to receive. The energy will do the rest. It is a perfect session for people who are in another country, for those who are ill or are just curious what Reiki can do. Know that this life force energy is all around us and within us and just wants to flow trough you. You just have to invite it to come in.

Reiki 3R Treatment | 60 minutes            €65,-

Reiki on distance | 60 minutes                €45,-
Reiki & Tuning forks |  75 minutes          €85,-
Sound Therapy |  75 minutes                  €85,-

Reiki & Yoga |  90 minutes                       €95,-

Relaxing massage | 60 minutes               €75
Full Body massage | 90 minutes             €95

Nicole gives Reiki on distance, on Ibiza, Mallorca & in The Netherlands. She has her own Therapy room in Amsterdam.

You can give a treatment as a gift to someone, or to yourself. Treatments are on location, on distance via zoom, or in her own studio. Contact directly to plan your Reiki session.

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