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Tuning forks are part of what's known as sound therapy. This is an ancient cultural practice that makes use of singing bowls and chants to relieve pain. simple explained: They bring the body back in tune. Tuning forks are made in such a way that they generate a pure sound, with a specific amount of vibrations every second. But sound therapy is also about targeting your brainwave frequencies and the vestibulocochlear nerve in the ear. Tuning forks can help keep your feelings in check by eradicating negative energies and thoughts from your body and mind. Relaxation Tuning forks are notorious stress relievers. They put you into a deep state of relaxation through their vibrational healing.

Reiki 3R Treatment | 60 minutes            €65,-

Reiki on distance | 60 minutes                €45,-
Reiki & Tuning forks |  75 minutes          €85,-

Reiki Treatment XL |  90 minutes            €95,-

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