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  • Nicole Dooper

Kundalini Activation Process (KAP): Is it a life hack?

What is the reason so many people are attracted to KAP? I see different people to the sessions, business minds, entrepreneurs, psychiatrists,not only the yogi's, healers or the spiritual seekers. People who come back over and over again, who changed their life, addictions seem to disappear, fears and phobias become less and less and a great desire to become a facilitator eventually. KAP has everything to do with surrendering. It sounds easy. It is. And it is not. Because to truly let go, to let yourself fall, to not control anything and let the ugly, the beauty, the fear, the anger, the trauma, the grief, laughter and wild hearted YOU come out, it asks a shitload of courage, trust and safety from the person and the facilitator. What if they don't like what they see? What if i don't like what i see? To face your demons and not only face them but welcome them with open arms: If i say it like this it doesn't sound very temping suddenly, does it? But what if i would say it brings you back to your heart desire? To what you truly want, believe and are? To your authentic, beautiful being in full authenticity? And that all those layers you are carrying with you, as baggage around your shoulders, you can take them slowly off, layer by layer? That life is suddenly easier, because choices become more clear, that what people say or want from you are suddenly less important because the voice of your heart speaks louder than the rest? What is a life hack? A usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently "Life hacks," as they are known, are all about eliminating life's manifold frustrations in simple and deliciously clever ways.

Is KAP a life hack? Yes. it is simple and clever technique for accomplishing tasks more easily in the job called LIFE. Life becomes more easy, more fluid, more to enjoy, while we just follow the path of surrender. By surrendering, you will see that life comes to you. By coming to KAP you can practice the art of surrendering, the falling into the depth of consciousness and resolve discrepancies in the emotional- and energetic body. By letting the life force energy flow trough you clean up the unsolved emotions, trauma's, past, experiences, doubts, fears, addictions and negative thoughts and become more you. So that is what KAP attracts in people. Becoming more themselves. Sounds so simple, right? But the real work you do off the mat. In the real world, with real problems, real opportunities. Less simple, but very satisfying if it works. Businesses run easier by following the path of surrender, your startup gets a lifeboost and your trust in yourself grows. Life starts to work for you and you can become everything you ever wanted to be. Because you already are. X, Nicole

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